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when the top does it the right way….haha




If you need any more convincing then this, you are completely delusional. And please don’t give me that “He is just feminine” bullshit. Clearly he broke character for a second and showed his true personality versus and then snapped back to what he is paid to be on camera for the sake of his career. I bet the only reason he has yet to come out of the closet is because his career is on a path that requires him to be a masculine, hero-type of guy that swoops in to save the helpless girl. I wish he would just go ahead and be himself that way he and Zac Efron can make gay themed love films and I can have one of my many fantasizes fulfilled.



fuck yes, dustin zito having hot sex with another guy.


Mark Wahlberg | Pain and Gain on set
MIAMI, FL | 4.17.12 


haha, I tried to picture him doing it, too, when I first saw this episode

milo ventimiglia. hot piece of ass.


Literal dick magnet Stiles Stilinski.